Hardware Related Issues

Working from home

You can connect to your WorkDESK database and work from home using any of the Remote Office hardware alternatives (Windows XP Pro, Vista, Windows7 Remote Desktop connection, Windows, Terminal Services, Citrix Metaframe).

Using a digital camera to take Candidate photos

You can import photographs of Candidates directly into WorkDESK and display them on the Candidate view screen, provided you have a digital camera.

WalkDESK hardware requirements

Any PDA or Pocket PC with at least 64 Mbytes of RAM and running Windows Mobile 6.0 or later. WalkDESK DOES NOT run on Palm, Linux, Symbian and Apple operating system at this time.

WeBKit hardware requirements

WeBKit, the WorkDESK internet gateway server, requires a dedicated server/PC with dual network cards running Windows 2003/2008/XP Pro/Windows7 or better. One network card is connected to your internal network, the other to the internet, where you require a fixed IP address.