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Welcome to WorkDESK Recruitment Software

Our entire business focus since WorkDESK was first released in 1983 has been and still is the Recruitment Industry. More specifically, we provide comprehensive productivity software for Recruitment Professionals to assist them in their day to day work.

Regardless of whether your recruitment organisation is large or small, single or multiple location, whether you are "generalists" or providers of specialised services, for white collar or blue, or whether your role in your organisation is managing, operating a temp desk, dealing with high profile executive recruitment, or just making sure that everyone gets paid and bills are sent out, IT IS VITAL that you have reliable computer software, and critical that someone is on hand to assist you when things don't go to plan.

WorkDESK Recruitment Software is one complete, fully integrated product

Fully Integrated? "So what" you may ask?

Well, here's an example of why integration is so important. Once an incoming timesheet has been processed into your WorkDESK database, information in this timesheet is used for paying each employee or contractor, for invoicing your client, updating the employee's payment history and the client's accounting records, maintaining statistics for consultants involved and whilst this happens financial and management reports are also updated.

So, not only do you get the benefits of the "single entry", you also dramatically reduce the incidence of operator error that occurs when entering the same information multiple times.

Whether you are large or small Recruiters, WorkDESK is THE complete recruitment software package that will help you keep costs down and power the growth of your business.

WorkDESK runs in the cloud

Yes, WorkDESK runs in "the cloud". If you want to know what you need to run WorkDESK in the cloud give us a call.

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